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When you invest in photography, you invest in the telling of your story, ensuring that it is retold in beautiful detail for years to come” -Unknown

*For a limited time offering sessions at portfolio building rate* 

Contact me for current prices. Starting at $400

Maternity/ Newborn / Family
Storytelling sessions ~ 

These are one of my favorite sessions. These sessions are in your home or a place close to your heart. (A place close to your heart can be for example that farmers market you and your family go to every week, or this cute little ice-cream place around the corner)
Perfect for storytelling sessions are your rituals you have as a family, think about your morning routine, eating breakfast together, maybe making some pancakes, reading books, or maybe the bedtime routine or even more seasonal routines like your families trip to the pumpkin patch or any Christmas rituals like baking Christmas cookies together or trimming thee tree.

Why Storytelling sessions? Well, it is my belief that when you look back 20 years from now, those are the memories that you will hold most dear. For it is in that day-to-day living that a life is truly made off, a new relationship, a new home, and a new little person to share it with. Lifetimes of memories are the absolute best gift you could give, not only to yourself, but also to your children and all the generations to come.

1-2 hours long
40 fully edited high-resolution images in an online gallery


Fresh 48 ~  
A fresh 48 is a one hour lifestyle session to capture those first hours of your babies life (the session will take place 24-48 hours after baby is born at the birth place). To remember all those sweet first moments on their first day of life, meeting their siblings, first bath, first diaper changes, snuggles.
Will take place within 48 hours after your baby is born, either at the hospital, or at home.
60 minutes
20 fully edited high-resolution images in an online gallery
1 image delivered to you by text/email within 24hours so you could use it to announce the birth of your little.


Birth Photography ~
As you maybe already read somewhere here on my website, I’m really passionate about birth and I am also a birth doula. Birth is just like a wedding one of those once in a lifetime events, your son or daughter is only being born once. Because you are so focused on giving birth you may not remember everything from your birth. It’s amazing to see your birth story in photos. For example, my 3-year-old daughter and I love looking at photos from her birth.
24 hour on-call and ready to go to your birth
50-150 images (number depending on your birth) fully edited high-resolution images in an online gallery


Weddings ~Coverage start at $2200

Events  ~Coverage starts at $150 a hour (such as birthday party’s, baby showers)


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